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Graham Beck NV. South African Sparkling Wine

Graham Beck Brut NV


Have you heard about the sparkling wine Graham Beck?

If not, let us introduce it to you. If yes, stay for some fun facts about this sparkling wine from South Africa.

This sparkling has been called the “President’s Choice”. The origin of the nickname is the inauguration of Nelson Mandela as the President of the South Africa. Then, this Brut NV also became Barack Obama’s choice when he’s the host.

Graham Beck is made of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. It has light yeasty aromas, a limey fresh fruit on the nose and a rich creamy complexity on the palate. The exceptionally fine mousse contributes the freshness and finesse.

The “President’s Choice” is made with the Méthode Cap Classique – a style identical to the traditional method used to make Champagne, using Chardonnay and Pinot Noir too. This means it's a real steal for fizz fans who love the taste of Champagne – but not the price.

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