Y. Rousseau

Y. Rousseau Wines is a dream that began long ago in the South-West of France and continues to grow and evolve today. Yannick Rousseau, French native, founder and winemaker, followed his heart and passion for winemaking all the way to Napa Valley where he met his Texan-born wife, Susan. The two of them bring their combined entrepreneurial savvy to embrace the ebbs and flows of running a family winery with the legacy of their racines, hospitable style, and discriminating artisanship.

The roots in the vineyards that Yannick chooses for his wines run as deep as his ancestral racines. Born in Gascony, France to the son of a butcher, he makes his wines with the heart of a Gascon using the earth, elements and fruit of California. Bringing together these passions of place, time and the elements requires hard work with a gentle hand to produce the alchemy of stand-apart wines. 

Yannick’s dedication continues with the art of blending that which he extracts from the fruit skillfully wielding sharp nose, keen taste and intuitive touch. His wines are recognized for their qualities of balanced drinkability and food-worthiness while being sought-after by wine geeks from all over. 

Yannick’s reputation has been made not by following in anyone’s particular footsteps but rather by taking what he has learned from great mavericks and integrating it into what he discovers to be true. His history of working with grape varietals from the Southwest of France is well known. Now, he carries forward his winemaking mission still embracing Colombard, Tannat and other favored varietals and blending them to create revived, and even edge-bending wines.

"Why are my wines different? I'm always thinking about food when I make wine: it's very important for a frenchman that a wine pairs well with his repas (meals)!" Yannick Rousseau.