FRIDAY 12th: Join us at the Coral Gables shop for a wine tasting
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Caná is not a conventional liquor store. It is focused on wine enthusiasts and enjoys a competitive advantage for being a niche wine shop.

Cana Wine Shop is a wine boutique located in the heart of the Coral Gables business district, with a tailored experience for our customers and focused on top but small producers while also optimizing the online experience.

Our wine boutique prioritizes small producers and distributors, assuring allocations of wines with very limited annual productions. Some of our wines are part of productions of just a 1000 bottles per year, or even 500. That doesn’t mean that the price of that bottle will skyrocket just because of that scarcity. It just means that this specific wine comes from a small producer. So, if you shop at Caná, you can enjoy a fine and rare label without breaking the piggy bank.

That’s where the other differentiator comes into play: the tailored experience. If you walk into your regular liquor store, apart from the fact that they will only have the mainstream labels, probably the clerk will have little to no knowledge about what they’re selling. At Caná, you will be attended by a wine expert that tailors your experience depending on several facts depending on your palate and the occasion. Then, if you become part of our family, the tailored experience escalates to another level: the possibility of having a wine concierge looking for that special wine that really tickles your fancy, having a monthly subscription to our wine club where every wine is always different and carefully selected just for you, tastings where you can always find new regions or grapes to help you expand your palate, etc. Basically, and most importantly, we want Caná to feel like your private cellar, not just another boring liquor store.

We’re always available for our clients. By phone, text, WhatsApp, Instagram, email, you name it. If you’re adventurous about wine, we aim to update our portfolio every two to three weeks, obviously keeping the fan favorites. And also our goal is to have wines for every budget.