Braai Pinotage 2019 - 750 ml

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Location: South Africa

Varietal: Pinotage

Winemaker: Clayton Christians

Appellation: Western Cape



Vineyard: The Pinotage vines are set in soils that comprise decomposed granite which is situated approximately 656 feet above sea level on the coastal region of the Western Cape. The grapes benefit from the cool winds blowing in from the ocean side. There is a combination of young and old vines. Whereas the younger vines are known to deliver grapes that carry over ripe dark fruit characteristics, the older vines provide grapes that offer dark fruit and spicy aromas



Tasting Notes:The earliest archaeological evidence of barbecue (Braai) is found in South Africa. On September 24th of each year the country celebrates Heritage Day, which in 2007 was renamed Braai4Heritage as a testament to its cultural importance in South Africa. The essence of braai is captured in this Pinotage, South Africa’s only native grape that is a hybrid between Pinot Noir and Cinsault, a perfect pairing for meat cooked over a wood flame. Brimming with juicy dark fruit and a bright, balanced acidity.