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Carlos Moro Finca de Las Marcas Verdejo Rueda Spain- 750 ml

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Carlos Moro Finca Las Marcas is a white wine produced by the winery Bodega Carlos Moro in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, D.O.C. Rioja.

After years searching for the best vineyards with the best climate, soils and vine ages, in 2014 the project Bodega Carlos Moro was born, with the aim of becoming a reference in the area, La Rioja, where the excellence of its wines has reached all the corners of the world. For this matters it has modern facilities and a human team that is capable of merging state-of-the-art technologies with the know-how of this area's tradition.

Bodega Carlos Moro is the youngest winery of Grupo Matarromera, a group of winemaking companies that emerged in 1988, when Carlos Moro, who had a long family winemaking tradition, decided to create his own winery, Matarromera.

Currently, the group is formed by wineries from 5 different denominations of origin, Ribera del Duero, Rueda, Rioja, Toro and Castilla León. This has placed it among the most important winery groups of Spain.

Carlos Moro Finca las Marcas is a wine made from Verdejo from the farm Finca las Marcas, a 15-year-old vineyard located at 725 metres of altitude, planted on loam-sandy-loam soils in Villalba de Adaja (Matapozuelos).

After the harvest, the grapes go through a classic winemaking process for white wines, fermenting in barrels. This wine is aged for 6 months in new French oak barrels. Before it is launched on the market, it is left to stand in the bottle for a minimum of 6 months.

Carlos Moro Finca las Marcas is an honest, elegant wine with great complexity. It stands out for its freshness and unctuousness, with aromas of tropical fruit, aniseed, and notes of cedar wood and vanilla.

Finca San Cibrao is a white wine, a special selection of the Carlos Moro winemaker. The San Cibrao estate is located on the banks of the Miño River in fertile siliceous soils, sharing habitat with tree species such as Galician pine or oak, as well as other plant species with an Atlantic vocation and representative of this area of Galicia.

Region: Rueda, Rioja, Spain.

Winery: Carlos Moro. 

Type: White.

Grape: Verdejo, a variety of that has long been grown in the Rueda region of Spain. Verdejo was generally used to make a strongly oxidized, sherry-like wine. Wines labeled Rueda must contain 50% Verdejo. Wines designated "Rueda Verdejo" must contain 85% Verdejo, and are often 100% Verdejo. Verdejo wines are aromatic, often soft, and full-bodied.

Color: Straw yellow, green, clean and bright.

Aroma: Frank and elegant aroma of great complexity, multiple harmonic overtones, tropical aromas of passion fruit and mango, aniseed, herbaceous and white flowers tones, perfectly balanced with the aromas of the barrel, as the subtle clove, vanilla or caramel.

Palate: Elegant and velvety, lively acidity, fresh and balanced creaminess, sensations of citrus aromas, slight smoky and elegant balsamic. Long and fresh finish.

Pairing: Smoked eel, black cod and rice with honey.

Preparation: Fermented in oak barrels.

Temperature: Drink at 46°F-50°F.

Alcohol: 13.5%.