Folias de Baco Uivo Pet Nat Branco 2020 Sparkling Portugal - 750 ml

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Portugal, Douro.

Grapes: 40% Alvarinho, 15% Moscatel Galego, 25% Rabigato 10% Bical, 10% Arinto.

Tiago Sampaio, established his label in 2007, having completed his PhD in Oregon. Tiago is an advocate for sustainable viticulture and the production of natural wines in the Douro. He cultivates vineyards between 500-700m – a mix of inherited old field blend vineyards and new plantings, where the boundary pusher has planted Alvarinho and Tinta Francisca. 

Winemaking process: Pt Nat references Pét-Nat, short for Pétillant Naturel (meaning naturally sparkling).  Made the old-fashioned way by the ‘'método antigo' or, in French, méthode ancestrale, wines are bottled before they have been fermented to dryness.  The residual sugar left in the wine allows it to continue fermenting and producing carbon dioxide (which creates the bubbles).  Unlike most Champagne, there is no need to add yeast and sugar to induce a second fermentation in bottle.  Nor are the spent yeast cells removed.  That’s what produces the natural cloudiness, sometimes sediment.  This is a super natural wine!

Tasting Notes: Unfiltered and cloudy, uncomplicated, authentic and exciting. It's refreshing, light, with zippy acidity and lively on the palate, with aromas of green apple and grapefruit.

Pairings: Enjoy by itself as an aperitif or pair with oysters or sushi.