L'Astemia Pentita Adorabile Rosé Woman Italy Woman- 750 ml

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Vinification: a very brief contact with skins and then the white wine fermentation.
Ageing: rapid ageing in stainless steel tank.
Serving temperature: 54/57°F.

Color: Onion skin, slightly intense.

Bouquet: It presents delicate sensations of ripe fruit that reminds you of plum and raspberries. After these fruit notes you smell more evolved notes like the jam and some citrus notes and for the closure you could perceive more reduced sensations like of a flint.

Taste: The palate perceives a good complexity immediately that is due to the structure and to a slight bitterish final note. The good intensity and the perfect persistency are the characteristics that accomplish the tasting notes of that wine that fully represents the character of the grapes, even in that out of the standard interpretation.