L'Astemia Pentita Dolcetto d'Alba DOC 2018 Piedmont Italy- 750 ml

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Growing location: Monforte.
Exposure, altitude: south, south-east, 440-480 m.
Grape variety: 100% Dolcetto.
Vinification: maceration of 10-12 days.
Ageing: 8 months in stainless tanks.
Serving temperature: 57/61°F.

Color: Red ruby deep with slight violet reactions.

Bouquet: Dominant fruity character where one can perceive the black cherry, raspberries, currant. It is a pure perfume, rich with some shades that resemble both a grape and a fermentation, With the ageing it will be possible to meet a more mature jammy fruit.

Taste: It is a fresh wine, obviously not sweet, with the balanced texture of the evident tannins. 2018 is a vintage of the daily food-friendly wine. The evident acidity contributes to its freshness and makes it more pleasant. It does not possess a big body but it is ready to drink.