L'Astemia Pentita Langhe DOC Nascetta 2018 Italy - 750 ml

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Grape variety: 100% Nascetta.
Vinification: brief cold maceration of the grapes, followed by the pressing and static clarification of the moist, before the alcoholic fermentation with the controlled temperature (16-17 °C). At the end of the fermentation the wine is filtered and remains on lees till the middle of March. After that phase the wine is being bottled to preserve all its bouquet and freshness.
Ageing: brief ageing in stainless steel tanks.
Serving temperature: 50/54°F.

Color: Yellow pale with some greenish reflections.

Bouquet: The characteristic scent of the variety is linked to floral sensations (moscato), but also to thiolic sensations (sauvignon). In 2018, a much fresher year than in 2017, especially the latter prevail, so the fragrance is more herbaceous, with freshly cut grass and slight hints of sulfur.