L'Astemia Pentita Langhe DOC Tiradóss Italy- 750 ml

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Total area: 1 Ha
Exposure: sud
Bottles produced: 3.000
Serving temperature: 57/61°F

This wine from the Langhe appellation is made from small and straggly bunches of grapes, but their juice is a concentration of sweetness and colour. The wine using cold pre-fermentation maceration reflects the best characteristics of each wine from the very beginning. After fermentation the Barbera is transferred for a short time into wooden barrels, while the Dolcetto remains in stainless steel tanks. The wine is then blended at the end of winter, and bottled shortly after. The fragrant fruity flavour of the Dolcetto grapes blends with the Barbera's rustic strength to create a wine that is immediately more mature, tasty, and almost succulent.

As frank as the farmers of the Langa, who have always defended their land, it is lively red, but sometimes so intense that appears to be purple, due to the Dolcetto and Barbera grapes which mature on this hill in a wonderful way. The bouquet is full of fresh and fruity sensations with hints of small red fruits, but also blackberries, plums and aromatic herbs. It is a flavoursome wine, but also soft and well rounded, with the tannin and the almondy Dolcetto grapes blending well with the acidity and body of the Barbera grapes. It is a wine to be enjoyed when at ease and relaxed, without any major dishes, but definitely in good company.