Leaf by Oscar Corojo

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Go, go, Corojo

A collaboration between “Island Jim” and Oscar Valladares, Leaf by Oscar is a boutique brand worthy of a second glance. Offering up four different versions of their handcrafted creation, today we’ll be checking out the Corojo wrapped option – a medium-bodied charmer that I’m sure tons of you out there will dig. 

Now before you go dogging this cigar, remember to remove the outer tobacco leaf. Underneath, you’ll find that the stick is actually quite beautiful, glistening with oils that have been perfectly protected by the raw tobacco on top. And it’s not just a looker, this thing performs! Toasting the foot, you’ll find a woodsy and nutty core of flavors, with hints of red pepper spice throughout. In short, this should definitely go on your “must-try” list.

Mild cigar.