Mary Taylor Valençay 2018 Loire Valley France Red - 750ml

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Loire Valley, France

Appellation: Valençay

Grapes: 30% Pinot Noir, 35% Gamay, 35% Côt (the local name for Malbec).


The flinty soils of the Loire Valley appellation of Valencay are known for giving their wines a finesse, perhaps even a chalkiness. This cuvée is known as “Les Griottes” or ‘the cherries’ as its gentle flavor and character has notes of red fruits (cherry blackcurrant), with a hint of spices in the finish. Farmed sustainably and fermented with indigenous yeasts. You might try one of the area’s famed goat cheeses to pair with this classically elegant wine.

Best known for its famous pyramid-shaped goat cheese, the Valençay area of France’s Loire valley also produces an equally singular (if much lesser known) array of wines. What they lack in name recognition, however, they more than make up for in terms of sheer deliciousness and everyday charm— which illustrates an important principle. More often than not, the hidden values of the world of wine are discovered along the road less traveled, far from the common crowd.