Naranjo Maturana Torontel 2019 Chile Orange Wine White - 750 ml

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This wine was awarded Wine Revelation of the Year award from Descorchados 2017.

Maturana Naranjo Orange Wine is produced from 70 year old Torontel grape vines in the Loncomillz zone in Maul.

Appellation: Valle del Maule, Chile

Winery: Maturana Wines.

Type: White.

Grape: Torontel (Torrontés).

Color: Bright copper.

Aroma: Notes of orange peel, grapefruit, dried peach and apricots.

Palate: Smooth and persistent texture with pleasing freshness, elegant acidity and long finish.

Pairing: Seafood.

Temperature: Best served between 41°F and 46°F.

Alcohol: 13.5%.

Certifications: Natural wine.