Pago de Cirsus Selección de Familia 2015 Blend Navarra Baja Spain Red - 750 ml

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Pago de Cirsus Selección de la Familia means that the wine design is not created to please the market but to be the formal whim of its owners. It is the wine they would keep for them. The selection process is the same as for the rest of the wines. The plots are chosen in Bolandín land, located in Ablitas municipality in Navarra Baja Appellation of Origin. It comes from vineyards with an average age of 20 years, located at 350 meters above sea level, with 4,400 kg production per hectare and a 1.57 kg yield per vine stock.

Made with Tempranillo and Syrah, the grapes were selected by hand, cluster by cluster and transported to the winery in 15 kg boxes per yard and variety. Ccold maceration was carried out at 5°C during first 24 hours, then it was fermented in French oak tubs and later aged for 14 months in new French oak barrels. It is maroon cherry coloured, with a ripe fruit aroma and at the same time with balsamic notes and earthy touches combined with smoked and spiced oak, all of them well merged thanks to its long ageing in the bottle.