Pannunzio Clásicos Malbec 2017 Argentina- 750 ml

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Strain: Malbec 100%.

Region: Barrancas, Maipú, Mendoza.

Soil: Barrancas can be divided into 2 types of soil: silty surface with rocky structure (Mendoza River alluvial stones) to the north and deep sandy areas to the south.

Climate: It is characterized by the daily thermal amplitude, (up to 20° between day and night) and the warmth of summer. Barrancas has an arid temperate climate. It rains about 200mm on average per year.

Harvest: it takes place between the 22nd and 29th day of April, at the very start of the day, when temperature is lower. Harvesting is carried out in plastic boxes of 20 kg.

Reception: is done on a grape-bunches selection belt, which guarantees health, cleanness and strain purity.

Production: after destemming, the grapes are transported in stainless steel buckets to the fermentation vessel.

Extraction: bleeding at 10%.

Pre-fermentation maceration: a cold 72 hour pre-fermentation maceration is done at a 5°C temperature.

Yeasts: selected yeasts are used.

Alcoholic fermentation: takes between 7 and 10 days at a temperature of 26°C – 28°C. Three daily remounts are made until density reaches 1.020. Then, two daily remounts until a density of 1.000 and one delestage during fermentation (1.080 and 1.040 density).

Maceration: post-fermentation maceration of 4 to 7 days.

Malolatic fermentation: with native bacteria.

Aging: 10% of the wine, in French oak barrels.

PH: 3.65.

Alcohol: 14.9 % Vol.

Tasting notes: To the eye it shows a deep red color with violet ruby tones. On the nose, red fruits aromas remind of strawberries, cherries and plum, some jam and vanilla. Gentle, balanced, round wine with sweet tannins and a nice fruited finish. It is enjoyable to have alone or with pasta, meat, casserole and pizza.

Serving temperature: between 16°C and 18°C.