Ricudda - Chianti 2018

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Vinification:    Manual harvest , fermentation at a controlled temperature to keep the primary aromas intact,   until the sugars are exhausted,   in 8-10 days.   Extraction of color and aromas by wetting the skins cap with must / wine.   Maceration of the skins for another 10-15 days, then racking and pressing of the skins.   Malolactic fermentation follows for 20 days on fine lees, to make the wine softer on the palate.

Aging: Maturation of the wine in concrete tanks and in barriques (225lt), for 12 months. In this period it defines the profile aromatic and the                                                                          wine   acquires   softness     by polymerization   of   polyphenols. Refinement in the bottle   follows , for at least 3 months, before being released for consumption.                                                                                                                                       

 Visual examination:  Intense ruby ​​red with violet reflections. 

Olfactory examination:  Intense notes of red fruits, in   particular   raspberry, cherry   and   slight hints   of oak.     

Taste test:  Good structure, soft and fresh   to   drink. Predominant   notes   of   red fruits   , with   slight spiciness.

Service:  Serve at a temperature of 16-18 ° C, in a tulip glass, taking care to uncork the bottle 1 hour before. To be combined with first courses with game, grilled meats, cold cuts and cheeses.