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Legacy in the Vines: The Timeless Saga of Bodegas Manzanos and Haro's Wine Heritage

Nestled in the heart of the Rioja Alta region, Haro stands as a pivotal city in European wine history, a testament to its storied past and its impact on the world stage of viticulture. It's within this historic backdrop that Bodegas Manzanos weaves its narrative, a family-owned winery with deep roots that trace back to the 19th century. Since its inception in 1890, Bodegas Manzanos has exemplified the legacy of the Fernández de Manzanos family, embodying a tradition that merges seamlessly with the essence of Haro's rich winemaking heritage.

Haro, distinguished as one of the most crucial cities in the winemaking world, has been instrumental in shaping the contours of the wine industry. Its strategic significance is amplified by its collection of century-old wineries and its role as a vanguard of wine production in the Rioja region. The city's prominence surged in the 19th century, particularly when the phylloxera epidemic ravaged French vineyards, propelling Rioja, and Haro by extension, into the spotlight as a viable source of quality wines. This era marked a transformative phase for Haro's wineries, which adopted pioneering techniques to refine their wines, attracting global recognition and fortifying the city's standing in the wine world.

Within this historical and cultural milieu, Bodegas Manzanos thrives, a beacon of both tradition and innovation. Guided by the vision of brothers Víctor and David Fernández de Manzanos, alongside Laura Mateo, the winery has flourished, balancing the preservation of its rich heritage with a commitment to modernity and sustainability. Their efforts have not only ensured the continuity of the family's legacy but have also propelled Bodegas Manzanos into new heights of innovation and excellence in winemaking.

The winery's strategic positioning, straddling the regions of Rioja and Navarra, endows it with an extensive array of vineyards, some among the oldest in Rioja. This advantageous location enables Bodegas Manzanos to showcase the unique characteristics of the Rioja Oriental sub-region, producing wines that encapsulate the native grape varieties' essence, such as Tempranillo, Viura, and Garnacha. These wines are a testament to the winery's meticulous cultivation and winemaking practices, reflecting the distinct climatic nuances and the heritage of the region.

Bodegas Manzanos stands as a symbol of resilience, innovation, and an enduring connection to the terroir, crafting wines that narrate the rich tapestry of Rioja's winemaking history. The winery's journey, from its roots in the 19th century to its present-day endeavors, mirrors the evolution of Haro and the broader Rioja region, a narrative of enduring passion and excellence in the world of wine​.


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