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Caná Wine Shop

The Club

Discover new and exciting wines from around the world. We carefully curate a selection of wines based on quality, exclusivity and price. Every month we will choose from top wine regions and varietals for you to enjoy.

The following are the subscriptions we are currently offering:

The Bio

Includes bottles of premium wines distinguishable from the rest, due to the minimum intervention in the growth and production-process.

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The Old World

Includes bottles of premium wines from Europe, primarily: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany.

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The New World

Includes bottles of premium wines primarily produced outside the traditional wine growing areas of Europe.

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The Mix

Includes a mix of bottles selected from our other three Wines Clubs.

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How We Wine

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The Bio, The Old World, The New World or The Mix.

Caná by Numbers

Choose between sets of 3 or 6 bottles per month.


Pay monthly with an ongoing subscription.