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So what's the buzz about natural wines?

So what's the buzz about natural wines? We can also call them “low intervention wine”, “raw wine”, “naked wine”. And, not always but sometimes, “funky wine”. 
This is a popular movement, but what is it exactly?
Natural Wine is the production of wine using simpler and more traditional methods. “Ancestral Methods”, they call it. Is the fermented grape juice with minimal or no additives in the wine making process.
The natural wine makers make their wines from “organic grapes” (or most of them) meaning that the grapes are not sprayed with chemical pesticides or herbicides. The grapes are picked by hand instead of harvesting with a machine. The fermentation process occurs naturally with no added yeasts, simply relying in the natural sugars of the must and the natural yeasts in the air.
The tricky part comes in with the sulfites. This is how winemakers preserve their wines and give the wines their aging potential. They add small quantities of sulfites to ensure the wine you drink tastes roughly the same as it did when it went into the bottle, making it as natural as possible. Commercial wine has ten times more sulfites. The presence of sulfites doesn’t necessarily disqualify a bottle from being natural. The acceptable amount is 10 to 35 parts per million.
Low intervention wine is always described as “cloudy”. Some people even call it “dirty” or “not clean”, but this is a very common characteristic in most natural white wines. This doesn’t mean that the wine is bad, it's just unfiltered. Another characteristic is the funkiness. Natural wine doesn’t taste the same as a typical wine because it doesn’t have any chemicals or they have them in very small quantities. Hence, a lot of them (not all of them) have a funky taste.
So don’t be afraid to try natural wine, some of them are funkylicious fermented grape juice. It's just wine, and the collection we have for you tasted gooooood. Sometimes, if you don't know that a wine is natural, you won't even feel the difference.

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