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L’’Astemia Pentita is found where the Cannubi Vineyard, home to one of the most prestigious crus in the region, rises up towards the village of Barolo.

Born and raised in the hills of the Langhe, wine is Sandra Vezza's one true love.Over the course of this enduring and passionate love affair, she was drawn to Barolo for her own winery. It was here that she learned to understand the unique and wonderful qualities imparted by this patch of land.


Every bottle of L"Astemia Pentita encapsulates several moment in time: the rain showers, the energy of warm days, the freshness of spring, the silence of long winters, and, most importantly, the work of the people who tend to the vineyard and its secrets.


Where unchanging elements meet the constant flux of nature and humanity, L"Astemia Pentita is born. This alchemy stems in part from Sandra Vezza herself, driven by her motto "dynamic even when standing still", a mantra that guides her through the worlds of art and business, today embodied by her wine.